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End Of Life Care 

"There is a moral task of caregiving, and that involves just being there, being with that person and being committed. When there is nothing that can be done, we have to be able to say, “Look, I’m with you in this experience, Right through to the end of it.” 

-Dr. Arthur Kleinman

Working with those at the end of their lives is a wonderful gift families give to our caregivers, in allowing us to care for them. We can provide those extra special moments for families as they can sit with their loved one and not worry about the day to day tasks. Caring Angels can work with the hospice agency to meet the families’ needs. We can be the extra set of hands that families need to work the hospice road.

Alzheimer's and Dementia 

When walking down the road of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia, families many times need additional hands to help with care of their loved one. Caring Angels can help with trained caregivers. The caregivers work with the seniors, learn the senior’s unique personality so they can work with them better. The caregiver’s work with the medical home health’s to better provide care.

The caregiver’s support the family in their decisions, keeping safety as the number one priority. Caring Angels gives patients the independence to stay in their home or their family member’s homes. We also give families the ability to be with their loved one without having to worry about day to day tasks. They can be the child again.

Respite Care 

Respite Care is relief for family caregivers who care for their loved ones in home. In home respite care, can be companionship services, homemaker services, and personal care services. When families choose, respite care they make pick and choose what they would like their caregiver to do.

It may be as simple as companionship and reading the newspaper while family members attend to needs outside the home, or as extensive as cooking, cleaning, laundry, dressing and bathing. Respite care gives families the freedom to be with their loved one and step away from the home when it is needed. Families trust that our caregivers will provide exceptional care for their loved one in the family’s absence.

Many times, family choose respite care when they need to leave town and cannot leave their loved ones unattended. We may also come in for an hour a day to check on the family member, make sure they are well, have food to eat, and the house is clean.

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